Data and reports provide detailed information about Horsetooth Reservoir. Included are storage highs and lows, the complete Environmental Assessment and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's Decision report, which explains how and why USBR chose dam modernization from among other options. Other reports and data will be added as they become available. -10/30-

In-depth Funding Report (pdf)
Horsetooth Reservoir Storage Graphs (pdf)
Horsetooth Reservoir Storage 1988 to March 2000 (html)
Final USBR Environmental Assessment (EC-1300-00-02) --
Documents Provided to Colorado State University Horsetooth Reservoir Dams 2/11/00 (USBR)(HTML)
1999 Horsetooth Modernization Decision Report
USBR Cultural Resources Management Web Site
You may also visit to see the Bureau's Modification Report -- Safety of Dams Program which includes Horsetooth, Soldier Canyon, Dixon Canyon and Spring Canyon Dams Colorado-Big Thompson Project, Colorado.