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Construction Completed

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Horsetooth Dam
Dixon Dam from the top
Spring Dam
Spring Dam from the top
Spring Dam from the top
Spring Dam, looking north

Construction Photos

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In October of 2002, an upstream blanket was placed along the reservoir
bottom just south of Horsetooth Dam.
The blanket is composed of clay and impermeable plastic layers.
The blanket covers the portion of the reservoir bed where the Forelle
limestone surfaces, helping water "escape" through the limestone, under the
In 2002, Reclamation engineers decided the upstream blanket was a more
effective treatment for the seepage underneath the dam than the originally
proposed cut-off wall.
By installing the blanket instead of a cut-off wall, Reclamation was
also able to shave time and money off the overall project.
The blanket is 800 feet long and 300 feet wide. It is covered with
clay and designed to last more than 50 years.
Horsetooth dam in late summer looking west to east across the downstream face. Excavation of the dam face is well under way.
Once the downstream face is excavated, the contractor begins placing the filter at Horsetooth Dam.
Looking east to west across the downstream face of Horsetooth Dam, filter placement is well under way. The filter is composed of fine sand and gravel, all sorted by size and then placed in layers.
Looking down from the top of the dam shows the varying elevations and layers of the filter on the excavated face.
Looking from the the top of the dam down and slightly west, the stockpiles of materials are visible. Material used to replace the face and install the filter are sorted by size and then stored in stockpiles until they are used.
Heavy equipment moves clay at the north end of Horsetooth Reservoir.
Looking east at Horsetooth Dam, crews work to put a new face on the 50-year-old structure.
The face of the dam, looking west toward the foothills.
Looking southwest, the channels are visible, connecting the pools behind the reservoirÕs three east-facing dams.
From Horsetooth Dam, this view is to the southwest.
The inlet structure at Horsetooth Reservoir. The facility reached dead storage in early October.
From the reservoir, looking north toward Horsetooth Dam.
Looking north toward Horsetooth Dam.
From atop Horsetooth Dam, looking southeast.
From an overlook south of Horsetooth Dam, the valve house is visible in the center left.
Looking west, across Horsetooth Reservoir, toward the foothills.
The high waterline at the marina inlet .